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Antonio Penn posing w guitar, NYC

I started studying classical guitar at a very young age in my native Italy but like most kids my age I fell in love with Rock and later with Jazz, had the great fortune to be a teenager during the seventies, the glorious era of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and all those larger than life musical icons that inspired and guided me to my musical journey.

Later I embarked for the US to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston to study Jazz, awarded full foreign student scholarship and graduated with honors.

Made Boston my home town for a decade while continuing studying Jazz with the great Charlie Banacos and  played any gig I could get, from clubs to corporate functions to showcases with my Fusion and Rock originals bands, eventually moved to NYC where I continued to pursue music as well as business careers.

Made numerous recordings culminating with my latest Album titled: Yo! Inspired by the great city of New York with its energy, people, sounds and

of course extraordinary musicians the like of Mike Stern, Jim Beard, Lincoln Goines

Bob Franceschini, Richie Morales and 

Cliff Almond that were so kind to share their talent on my album. 

Music is the power that drives my life, playing guitar is what I do and love.


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